What is Wholesale Connectivity and Why do You Need it?

Wholesale connectivity means you are getting volume discounts for purchasing a large amount of telecommunications services from a vendor on behalf of more than one organization.


Because we purchase services from Shaw and Telus on behalf of a number of organizations we are able to leverage our volume and get greater discounts than those available to a single organization.


Wholesale customers (again because of volume) can often get a more flexible deal from a carrier. Some examples of this are re-negotiating existing retail contracts and bringing them under our umbrella with other services for a discount, or aggregating the price of a build over the term of a contract to make it affordable instead of expecting it upfront.


Getting commercial connectivity to your organization doesn’t end with the signed agreement. Whatever your connectivity need, we’ve likely dealt with it before. We know what to expect, and we know who to call when things don’t go as planned. We can help to save your organization from the cost of this learning curve. We also know whom to ask for status updates, and how to keep things on track as much as possible.

After the build is completed we are here 24/7/365 to monitor the link for you, and will deal with the appropriate NOC on your behalf should any issues arise with your service.

In Short, everyone wins.

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