Why use Co-location Instead of Hosting it Yourself?

Co-location can be broken down simply into providing 4 major things at a reduced cost:

Network Uptime (Internet feeds, MPLS etc)

The whole point of I.T. infrastructure is to make things work better for the people using them. To that end it doesn’t matter how great the servers are or easy that app is to use if it’s not accessible.

Our Co-location facilities maintain at least 2 separate path’s to the internet backed by a 100% S.L.A, as well as virtually eliminate the often extreme price of installing anything larger than a cable modem or DSL line. This provides your business with accessible infrastructure not idle staff or a flat incoming cash flow when your office internet fails. We are also able to offer traffic at a price point that likely is far lower than going straight to those providers yourself.

Uninterruptabe filtered power (via UPS, generator etc)

How does your business function without power? Sadly the reality is that brownouts and blackout’s happen. They often cause damage to equipment and extremely expensive downtime to those unprepared when they strike.

Our Co-location facilities provide clean, filtered, uninterruptable power to your equipment – 24/7. Our facilities are all 100% UPS and generator protected. Long or short your equipment stays online during power interruptions, avoiding hardware damage and data corruption due to improper shutdown.

A controlled environment (temperature, physical access, humidity, etc)

There are several important environmental considerations involving your I.T. infrastructure:

  • Failure rates of I.T. equipment increase dramatically with high ambient room temperatures and high or low humidity.
  • Stolen equipment can take weeks to replace
  • Lost data can cause privacy, tax and compliance issues resulting in fines and bring cash flow to a grinding halt.

Don’t underestimate the importance or the cost of providing environmental controls.

Our Co-location facilities are built to protect your investment, and your business. We provide a temperature and humidity controlled environment and multi-level access control via a combination access cards, keys, combinations, digital video surveillance and 24/7 on-site security personnel. Additionally all critical systems are remote monitored 24/7/365 for problems.

The Expertise to manage things properly

Even if the above requirements can be fulfilled at your office location – do you have the experience in your organization to maintain this kind of environment 24/7/365?

We’ve been doing this a fairly long time – 15 years at the time of this writing. We have the track record, the expertise and the right partners to manage this environment and take care of things with minimal impact on our customers businesses. We also offer this expertise to customers on an hourly basis to help with projects outside of the co-location and telecommunications scope.

We offer co-location of single devices as well as quarter, half and full racks.

If you are interested in co-locating with us please call us or send us an email