Redundant diverse connectivity without compromise

Fibre Ring POP Locations


  • Alberta Supernet (Bell/AXIA CO)
  • HSBC Place
  • Rice Howard Place (Formerly Scotia Place)
  • Rogers EDC1 (Edmonton City Centre)
  • Rogers EDC2 (West Edmonton)

Wolfpaw is excited to announce the completion of our cross-city dark fibre ring. This new to Edmonton diverse path fibre ring connects multiple major network points within the city for the fastest, most resilient connections available. Clients can co-locate devices at any of the three data centres and have access to fully redundant fibre, giving Wolfpaw the best commercially accessible network in the city.

Fully Redundant Dark Fibre Path

From any point on our ring to any other point, we can provide WDM channel paths between your equipment, facility to facility.  Additionally, a simple cost effective cross connect can link you to other providers or clients in any of these locations.

Physically Diverse Fibre

Every segment of our fibre ring is a physically diverse path, meaning that the risk of physical damage cutting multiple routes is effectively zero.

Multi-Vendor Fibre

We utilize multiple vendors for the fibre path to reduce the impact of a vendor network issue on our clients.

Faster Than You Need

Fibre connectivity across the ring is available immediately as-is at speeds from 1Gbps through 100Gbps. Higher speeds can be made available at client request with reasonable lead time.

Extremely Competitive Pricing

Wolfpaw is in many ways a disruptive influence on telecom providers in Edmonton and Alberta.  You are unlikely to get a better price on equivalent services elsewhere, and if you do we will bend over backwards to match verifiable quotes.

Alberta SuperNet Connected

We maintain Dark Fibre connections to the Alberta SuperNet, via our own leased strands. If you are providing internet services outside of the major cities in Alberta we can help you stay competitive, local and low latency. A wide range of speeds are available.

Don’t need to co-locate, but require access to our network or to connect to a peer in our facilities?

As part of our commitment to carrier neutrality we provide standard publicly available cross connect pricing to everyone via our Meetme products. Cross connection is available for the standard fee of $250 CAD/mo + applicable taxes in any facility we operate, pricing in partner facilities may vary.